Thank you for booking The Meeting Place for your event. Here are a few details on using the hall:



Please do not enter before the allocated time for your booking as there may be a booking prior to yours.

The side entrance door key is in the key safe beside the entrance door. The code will be sent to you by email on receipt of payment. Please ensure you return the key to the key safe after opening up and when you lock up and leave.

If you have not booked the whole building please be aware that there may be another user present.


Car Parking and drop off

The Meeting Place does not have any car parking spaces and all parking must be found on the street. Neither you nor anyone using the Meeting Place in connection with your hiring must park on any of our neighbours' properties (including their off-street parking spaces) or block their access to their property in any way.  It is your responsibility to ensure that all persons using the property in connection with the hiring comply with this.


Accessing tables and chairs

If you have requested tables, these are in the middle right cupboard in the small hall. Chairs for both adults and children are located around the building so please help yourself. Please use the chair trolley to move the chairs and return everything to its original location when you have finished.


Rubbish and Recycling

We expect you to leave the Meeting Place as clean as you found it.  Cleaning materials and equipment are in the right hand cupboard and the red fobbed key to this is hanging up in the kitchen. You MUST bring your own supply of bin bags with you. There are two bins located in the kitchen for you to use. When you have finished please take all rubbish to the green bin and recycling to the red bin by the front gate. Please follow advice on the recycling bin as to what can and can’t be recycled.  Please also ensure that dirty nappies are not left in the toilets.  These must be placed in the green bin outside.


The Kitchen

If you have booked the kitchen, you are entitled to use any of the crockery, glasses and cutlery. All breakages must be replaced or paid for.


Heating / Boiler

The timer and thermostats should have been set appropriately to ensure that the hall is a comfortable temperature prior to your arrival.  If the boiler is off and you want it on or if it’s on and you want it off you only need press the ‘ADVANCE/BOOST’ button on the timer above the worktop next to the microwave. Zone 1 is the main hall, zone 2 is the lobby and zone 3 is the rear hall.  Please do not change any other settings.  If in doubt call Neil on 07305 752898.


Vacating the building

Please clean up thoroughly, check that all lights are off and windows are closed and vacate the building completely by the end time of your booking.  There may be another booking soon after yours.


Your security deposit will be returned, minus the cost of any breakages / damage within two weeks.

If you have any problems during your time in the hall please call Neil on 07305 752898


We hope you have a great time.

Neil Attewell
Team Leader